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June 20, 2019

Get Your Office Ready for Summer 

Every season of the year has its challenges when it comes to maintaining a clean and healthy work environment. Winter brings the messiness of boots and snow, along with flu season. The summer months bring their own issues, including hot weather, humidity and allergens. Here are some summer office cleaning tips and tricks to ensure that your workplace stays fresh despite the heat. 

  • Check your air conditioning — After a long, stuffy winter, it’s important that the indoor air you’re breathing is fresh. When the summer heat kicks in, so does the office air conditioning. A thorough summer office cleaning includes making sure your AC filter is free of debris — not only to ensure that it’s pumping out pure, cool air, but to maintain peak efficiency. If your office space uses ceiling fans to help with cooling, give the blades a good dusting so that particles and allergens aren’t being released into the air with every rotation.
  • Monitor trash bins — The heat of the summer months can cause perishable substances to unleash some unpleasant smells. An important way to keep the office clean in the summer is by making sure the trash is emptied nightly. Summer is also the time for vacations, which means the possibility of food left in the kitchen or in desk drawers. Encourage employees to toss expired or leftover food items on a regular basis and especially before leaving town.
  • Clean floors and furniture — If they aren’t visibly soiled, carpets and rugs can be overlooked during the seasonal cleaning process. But they are highly effective collectors of dirt and allergens when not cleaned sufficiently or often enough. Deep clean carpets and area rugs at the end of every season to draw out deeply embedded impurities. Office furniture, such as couch or chair cushions, also should get vacuumed or dry-cleaned.
    Similarly, the great outdoors tends to make its way indoors when it gets warmer and people spend more time outside. Avoid debris getting tracked through the office by regularly cleaning entryway or lobby rugs and floors.
  • Disinfect your desk area — Your desk and computer keyboard are great breeding grounds for bacteria and germs year-round, especially for those who routinely eat at their desk. One of the best summer office cleaning tips is to keep disinfectant wipes handy to effectively clean up spilled food or drinks and to give your desk an occasional once-over.
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The summer months bring their own issues, including hot weather, humidity and allergens.


The Best Way to Ensure a Clean Office

The surest way to take care of summer cleaning for the office is to hire an office cleaning company to handle it for you. Our professionals at Spotless Cleaning Chicago offer a variety of services to keep your office or commercial building clean. Contact our team today to learn how we can help you achieve a clean and professional workplace, no matter what the season.

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