Founded in the early 1960s when a builder began constructing homes in the farm fields just north of old U.S. 66 and beside Illinois Route 53, today Bolingbrook is a bustling Chicago suburb of about 74,500. 

Abundant community activities, such as farmer's markets and concerts, plus a diverse population, safe neighborhoods, and a convenient location within commuting distance to Chicago are some of the many reasons that Bolingbrook is a great place to live or own a business. Money Magazine agrees as it listed Bolingbrook as one of its Best Places to Live in America in 2019.

Situated in Northeastern Illinois along Lake Michigan, Bolingbrook also boasts excellent public schools and the exceptional Fountaindale Library with a huge selection of books and fun events. If you prefer outdoor activities, Bolingbrook has loads of parks and the Hidden Oaks Nature Center. Indoor facilities include fitness centers, a state-of-the-art indoor/outdoor aquatic center, and more.

The Bolingbrook local government strives to ensure the village has a business-friendly environment. If you own or manage an office, manufacturing, or industrial space, you want to live up to the expectations of the locale’s discerning residents. The best way to ensure your facility is clean and safe for occupants and visitors is by hiring an experienced Bolingbrook commercial cleaning service.

At Spotless Cleaning Chicago, we understand that when you hire a Bolingbrook commercial cleaning service, you want the confidence that they will get the job done, leaving you with the pristine space you are entitled to expect. Our commercial cleaning company in Bolingbrook serves Northwest Indiana to Southern Wisconsin and Chicago with thorough commercial cleaning services including: 

·       Commercial office cleaning services 

·       Schools and universities

·       Industrial cleaning services, and manufacturing facilities and warehouses 

·       Medical office cleaning

Who Is Spotless
Cleaning Chicago?

We’re a full service commercial cleaning service specializing in large facilities

We started the company during the recession of 2008 with the goal of creating jobs for people in need. We believe that the best form of compassion is by providing opportunity.

Office cleaning services in Bolingbrook

Our comprehensive janitorial services for commercial buildings and office cleaning services in Bolingbrook are extremely thorough and can be tailored to meet the needs of your facility. We strive to be a one-stop-shop so you’ll have peace of mind that everything is taken care of. Our office cleaning company provides the following janitorial services in Bolingbrook: 

Detail-oriented services

Our extremely thorough services go beyond sparkling floors and dust-free surfaces (although you’ll get that, too!). You can expect us to clean underneath desks, in tiny crevices, and all the other less obvious spots. 


Cleaning and sanitizing

The Kaivac cleaning method ensures your bathrooms and all other spaces are sanitized to reduce bacteria and illness-causing germs. This exceptional science-based method is designed to produce the healthiest results. Kaivac removes harmful bio pollutants in the fastest, most cost-efficient manner possible. 

In addition, our technicians are specially trained to clean and sanitize every high-touch area, such as elevator buttons, chair rails, copy machine buttons, sink handles, doorknobs, light switches, desks, phones, toilets, faucets, pens, counters, paper-towel dispensers, and much more. 

Janitorial services 

At Spotless Cleaning Chicago, we don’t just clean your space so that it puts forth the best impression for employees, visitors, tenants, and clients. Our highly trained janitorial technicians will also inventory and replenish all consumables.

Another perk of our Bolingbrook commercial cleaning service that others don’t is a unique partnership that allows you to save up to 25% off consumables, including toilet paper, paper towels, trash can liners, and more. This means you won’t have to worry about ordering and managing your supplies through another company like you’ll have to if you work with other industrial cleaning companies in Bolingbrook.

Commercial carpet cleaning

When it comes to your floors, a stained carpet with ground-in dirt will majorly detract from your facility’s appearance, whether it’s a retail or office space. In addition, when dirt and other pollutants are trapped in your carpet fibers, they can become airborne, triggering illness and allergic reactions among those who are most sensitive. Our low-moisture method helps dry your carpet as quickly as possible to reduce mold and mildew proliferation, which can also cause allergies. Finally, we use environmentally safe cleaning solutions rather than harsh chemicals.

Modern Cleaning

Bolingbrook Bolingbrook commercial cleaning service 1

Systematic hiring

We are very systematic in our hiring, training, and management.
Implementing innovative technology to improve efficiency and create value for the client is very important to us.

Our systematic approach is allowing us to grow rapidly with consistent quality results. We have been investing in scaling our operations and are slowly and methodically growing our client base to continue to provide more job opportunities.

Bolingbrook Bolingbrook commercial cleaning service 2

Technology that saves money

Traditional mopping doesn’t stand a chance against an auto scrubber and chemistry.

We use modern commercial cleaning equipment, advanced cleaning techniques, and green seal certified products, along with state-of-the-art equipment like auto scrubbers that significantly increase efficiency to save you money.

We have been cutting cords to maximize efficiency and savings with cordless vacuums.

Bolingbrook Bolingbrook commercial cleaning service 3

spotless standards

You say you can leave floors so clean you can eat from them, but what about the rest of the facility, especially the locker rooms and bathroom?

Fear no more, we use the Kaivac cleaning system that can sanitize better than any other method.

Feel free to bring an ATP Hygiene Monitor to test our commercial cleaning ability. We don’t just clean, we sanitize.

The premier commercial and industrial cleaning

company in Bolingbrook

Spotless Cleaning Chicago is a family-owned company that is committed to giving back to our community by hiring locally to reflect the diversity of Bolingbrook and the other communities we serve. In addition to hiring within and providing extensive mentorship to our employees, we build teams that are designed to service your facility’s unique needs. 


Our core values include: 


  • Quality
  • Innovation
  • Service 
  • Team Effort
  • Humanity


You don’t have to take our word for how fabulous our services are! Here is a recent review from one of our loyal clients: 


“Spotless Cleaning Chicago has been the answer to our search for the ideal janitorial service company. We’ve tried several different companies but they were never as accommodating and understanding to our demands as much as Spotless Cleaning Chicago has been.”

Contact us to learn more or to set up a cleaning appointment! 

Why you should hire
our commercial cleaning company

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Communication is important to us so we always have someone ready to answer the phone.

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Our technology allows us to instantly communicate with our front line so supervisors and managers can follow up.

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Family owned

Since we’re a family owned business your requests won’t get lost in an email chain or answering service.

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We will get to know your facility and be able to quickly handle any questions or requests you have.