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We are a family-owned commercial cleaning company that invests in our employees and partners with the businesses we serve to deliver custom commercial cleaning services that transcend the norm. We are a full service provider from nightly cleaning, commercial carpet cleaning, ceiling cleaning, high dusting services, post-construction cleaning to medical facility cleaning, our expertly trained cleaning technicians are educated in the latest cleaning technologies and methods. Our managers and teams are certified and understand an array of standards, regulations, and requirements like HACCP, SQF, OSHA, AORN, AAMI, NFP, EPA, and CMS.

Spotless builds teams and trains them specifically for your facility with relevant training and certifications. We provide commercial cleaning services for critical environments where cleaning standards truly matter. Whether we are in pathogen busting mode or counting air dust particles for a controlled production environment we have trained and experienced managers and teams to serve you. We have validated training systems, quality inspection audits, and provide electronic documentation for inspections, and we utilize the latest technologies to reinforce our values and ensure cleaning services are delivered in a timely and professional manner. 

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