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There’s Nothing Basic About Our janitorial services

There’s Nothing Basic About Our Office Cleaning

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If you think our janitorial cleaning service is as basic as vacuuming, dusting desktops, emptying trash, and leaving 30 minutes later, think again. Low-quality janitorial services can only provide you with minimal benefit. That’s why you need Spotless Cleaning Chicago, the best janitorial cleaning company around. Read more about the history of our company here

Unlike a lot of janitorial cleaning companies, we have highly trained professionals on our payroll who take a thorough approach to cleaning offices, and manufacturing and industrial spaces. An inexperienced or unqualified cleaner from a lesser janitorial company could damage surfaces or valuable equipment by incorrectly cleaning items. And a janitorial service that doesn’t thoroughly clean will take time and money away from you without making your space any cleaner. 

Our janitorial company thoroughly removes all the dirt, dust, germs, and allergens that cover surfaces. A cleaner building helps prevent the spread of illness, minimizes sick days, and bolsters morale. It also gives your business a more welcoming, professional appearance to visitors, clients, and potential employees.

janitorial Services We Offer

Spotless Cleaning Chicago provides a variety of janitorial cleaning services, including:

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Dusting and disinfecting everything from lobbies to board rooms to desk areas

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Cleaning and disinfecting bathrooms

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Washing windows

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Daily cleaning of glass doors and surfaces

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Cleaning and polishing chrome fixtures and chrome surfaces

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Cleaning carpets, cubicle walls and upholstery

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Scrubbing, stripping, waxing and buffing floors

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Pressure-washing outside surfaces such as sidewalks, and parking lots

the advantages of hiring professional janitorial cleaners

There are many advantages to hiring a professional janitorial service for your cleaning needs.

Call our team at 312.488.1113 to discuss setting up a customized cleaning plan for your building, one that addresses your unique situation and needs. We have all of the equipment and services needed to handle even the most specialized maintenance tasks, like cleaning delicate appliances, special equipment, or high-security areas. 

Here is a basic list of all of the janitorial services we provide. This list is by no means exhaustive. It’s simply a starting point for the extremely high-quality janitorial service you will receive through Spotless Cleaning Chicago.

We will work with you to set up a customized cleaning plan that is tailored to your space and your specific needs. Other janitorial services in the area do not offer such an option, but we are invested in becoming your one-stop-shop for all of the cleaning needs you have for your space. 

our promise to you: 

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higher-quality Cleaning

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Preventative cleaning to reduce the spread of germs in the office

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A clean office means less sick days & more productive workers

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healthier & professional looking work environment

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Less in-house responsibility for managers to oversee

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Long-term savings by protecting materials and equipment


Additionally, Spotless Cleaning Chicago has a strategic partnership with our janitorial cleaning service customers that enables you to save 25% on consumables. This includes items such as toilet paper, paper towels, soap, trash bin liners, and more. This add-on to our services is something you won’t necessarily find with other janitorial services. We aim to be the complete package for all of your cleaning and consumable stocking needs. We take the load off of you having to order and manage supplies with a separate service, so you can focus on running your business–in your thoroughly cleaned space! 

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Why Spotless Cleaning chicago is the best choice for you

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The entire staff of Spotless Cleaning Chicago’s janitorial company is specially trained to clean buildings both thoroughly and safely. Our professional training sets us apart from other cleaning companies that hire people without training them thoroughly for the job, which can result in unclean spaces at best and damaged assets at worst.  

Another special feature of Spotless Cleaning Chicago involves reducing contamination in spaces with our “touchpoint cleaning” process. This eradicates harmful pathogens and other germs from common touchpoints in the workplace, including door handles, light switches, and reception areas. Sometimes we don’t realize exactly what we touch the most all day long and so those areas get neglected when cleaners come because they’re not being strategic about their cleaning methods. This isn’t the case with Spotless Cleaning Chicago.

As we mentioned before, we have a clear blueprint and strategy for the way we clean to ensure we tackle the most trafficked areas of any space, and that’s whether or not we discuss a personalized cleaning plan with you ahead of time. Our baseline services are still the most thorough and professional cleaning job you will ever find. 

We have designed our janitorial cleaning services to improve your operations and protect your team. Ready to get started? Contact us today to get a free cleaning estimate! Unsure if we cover your area? Check out our service area page.