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Spotless cleaning Chicago is an award winning commercial cleaning company serving the Chicago area.

We pride ourselves in going above and beyond. We specialize in providing green cleaning services to all our customers.
Our janitorial cleaning professionals are dedicated to providing our janitorial services to our customers with Spotless results. Regular inspections and qualified supervision ensure that our high commercial cleaning standards are adhered to.

Who Is Spotless
Cleaning Chicago?

We’re a full service commercial cleaning service specializing in large facilities

We started the company during the recession of 2008 with the goal of creating jobs for people in need. We believe that the best form of compassion is by providing opportunity.

Why you want to choose us
for commercial cleaning services

Our Chicago janitorial employees are specially trained to reduce contamination in office buildings, manufacturing, and healthcare facilities

We have dedicated training specifically designed to address what the ISSA calls “Touch Point Cleaning.”

Why is it so important? Simply because disease, fecal matter, and bacteria are spread via these touch points like door handles, light switches, hand rails, elevator buttons, and paper towel dispensers.

Highly trained cleaning technicians that know and understand HAACP color coding systems is important. Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company that has a HAACP color coded microfiber program and cleans for health will keep your employees and facility safe.

As part of our onboarding process, we will identify ways to reduce contamination and clean for health.

One simple solution is replacing dispensers with touchless soap and towel dispensers. Installing foot door openers to reduce touch points in high traffic areas like bathrooms.

These are simple solutions that reduce the spread of germs and bacteria and actually save you money.

Modern Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning commercial cleaning 1

Systematic hiring

We are very systematic in our hiring, training, and management.
Implementing innovative technology to improve efficiency and create value for the client is very important to us.

Our systematic approach is allowing us to grow rapidly with consistent quality results. We have been investing in scaling our operations and are slowly and methodically growing our client base to continue to provide more job opportunities.

Commercial Cleaning commercial cleaning 2

Technology that saves money

Traditional mopping doesn’t stand a chance against an auto scrubber and chemistry.

We use modern commercial cleaning equipment, advanced cleaning techniques, and green seal certified products, along with state-of-the-art equipment like auto scrubbers that significantly increase efficiency to save you money.

We have been cutting cords to maximize efficiency and savings with cordless vacuums.

Commercial Cleaning commercial cleaning 3

spotless standards

You say you can leave floors so clean you can eat from them, but what about the rest of the facility, especially the locker rooms and bathroom?

Fear no more, we use the Kaivac cleaning system that can sanitize better than any other method.

Feel free to bring an ATP Hygiene Monitor to test our commercial cleaning ability. We don’t just clean, we sanitize.

preventative maintenance 
saves you money

Preventative Maintenance is the least costly yet most effective way to protect carpet appearance and keep the rest of your facility clean.

More than 80% of the soil that gets into commercial carpets and flooring comes from outside. With a good maintenance program you will save money on the daily cleaning for the rest of your facility.

Commercial Cleaning commercial cleaning 4

zone 1: outdoors

Right outside the entry doors is where the most dirt should be removed before it gets inside the building.

Use all weather anti-slip mats with scraping action that can remove dirt such as asphalt, sand, ice melt, and snow.

zone 2: indoors

Install a mat system with dual action that can scrape and absorb.

WaterHog mats with ridges that can absorb a large amount of moisture should be used.

zone 3: indoors

Most facilities use custom logo mats.

The ideal mat will capture about 4 - 5 steps to maximize dirt and moisture removal.

zone 4: indoors

Chicago winters can be brutal. We recommend an additional 5 steps of matting from December to mid April to keep snow and salt from tracking into your facility.

zone 5: indoors

Pivot Points like copy rooms, elevator banks, reception, and high traffic areas should be cleaned monthly.

How we track performance

Commercial Cleaning commercial cleaning 5

increase productivity

Identify underperforming employees to provide additional training and best practices.

Commercial Cleaning commercial cleaning 6

reduce cost to clean

Optimize equipment to increase productivity lowering the overall cost to clean.

Commercial Cleaning commercial cleaning 7

ensure consistency

Track employees and equipment, monitor hours, and compare against metrics.

Commercial Cleaning commercial cleaning 8

Critical issues

Respond immediately to late alerts, no shows, and know if equipment is not used.

We go above & beyond
to solve your cleaning operation challenges

How can we extend equipment life & reduce maintenaNce costs?

Reducing maintenance expenses and extending equipment life translates into savings.


Tracking and monitoring chemical usage isn’t just about saving money. We know how much chemicals should be used on a monthly basis. If chemical usage is low it’s a strong indicator that surfaces are not being cleaned and disinfected.


The most common complaint we hear is “the company we hired started off great, but then slowly started to deteriorate.

We geofence the building to ensure cleaning times stay consistent. Inspections and surprise visits keep our cleaners on their toes to ensure consistent quality.


Reducing maintenance expenses and extending equipment life translates into long-term savings.


Reducing maintenance expenses and extending equipment life translates into savings.


We use data from employee tracking and equipment usage to give us insight on under performing facilities. We make sure to monitor these sites closely and quickly get to work on retraining to improve our our cleaning services.

Commercial Cleaning commercial cleaning 9

Commercial Cleaning
Vs. Office Cleaning

Traditional Class A office buildings are a breeze to clean. High rises that have a day porter cleaning the lobby and entrances all day long tend to stay clean.

Commercial facilities on the other hand are dirt magnets with dirty floors that take longer to clean. Commercial cleaning includes the pristine front offices plus other areas that are not as clean. A few of these areas are locker rooms, bathrooms, production offices, shipping departments, lab or QA rooms, tool rooms, and other high traffic areas. Cleaning 10,000 of offices is very different than cleaning 10,000 square feet of locker rooms and bathrooms with employees with dirty hands, shoes, and clothing.

Employee break rooms tend to have an average of 8 microwaves with high usage that require daily cleaning. In an office environment most employees eat at their desk and don’t even use the break room besides for coffee or water.

Our cleaning time is significantly faster in traditional corporate offices than in commercial facilities. Years of experience have taught us that traditional estimating models don’t work if your goal is to achieve spotless results for your commercial facility.

How Much Does Commercial Cleaning Cost?

It’s important to know that we treat office cleaning differently from commercial cleaning

Our production rates tend to vary from corporate offices to commercial facilities. In a commercial facility there are usually traditional offices in the front with offices sprinkled throughout the warehouse or manufacturing side. Typically, we have to clean large locker rooms, showers, bathrooms, break rooms, and other areas throughout the facility completely separate from the offices.

The areas in the warehouse or production area are generally much dirtier because of dust or oils from the manufacturing side and employees having dirtier working hands, shoes, and clothing.

We have years of experience cleaning these types of facilities and know better not to use traditional office cleaning pricing models.

The national office cleaning price of 11 cents per square foot is completely worthless for commercial cleaning.

Inexperienced sales people might severely underbid leading to a very dirty facility. What we typically find is the front offices are fairly clean, but the employee locker rooms, bathrooms, and break rooms are totally trashed. The sad part is poor or almost no cleaning-leads everyone to believe that those areas are always dirty and there is no point in cleaning them. Employee moral deteriorates because they feel like they are underserved.

We have specialty teams that work on industrial sites that can completely renew ceilings, walls, lockers, and equipment that save you money vs painting or replacing.

All of our proposals are performed by ISSA Certified Work Loading Specialists, reviewed by operations, and approved by ownership to ensure complete accuracy.

Why you should hire
our commercial cleaning company

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Communication is important to us so we always have someone ready to answer the phone.

Commercial Cleaning commercial cleaning 11


Our technology allows us to instantly communicate with our front line so supervisors and managers can follow up.

Commercial Cleaning commercial cleaning 12

Family owned

Since we’re a family owned business your requests won’t get lost in an email chain or answering service.

Commercial Cleaning commercial cleaning 13


We will get to know your facility and be able to quickly handle any questions or requests you have.

Commercial Cleaning commercial cleaning 14

What we do for our commercial clients

As a full service provider we can offer high end services for your front office and heavy duty industrial cleaning for the rest of your facility. We work with you to maintain your pristine image. We are flexible and customize our services.