Viruses on the Run: Essential Tips for Keeping Your Fleet Safe During COVIDFrom delivery rigs to HVAC businesses, any company with a fleet of vehicles can be a hotbed for disease spread, especially in the time of COVID.  Think about it. Every technician that touches a rig with a gloveless hand, every driver that hops into

Best Practices for Cleaning Healthcare Facilities: Why Your In-House Team Isn’t Cutting It and Who to Call to Annihilate VirusesYou look around at your healthcare facility and each surface is sparkling. Your in-house team has sanitized every high- and low-touch surface they can find with EPA-registered chemicals like Oxivir TB or hypochlorite and peracetic acid.  But

Keeping your Facility & Employees Safe by Complying with CDC Guidance for Cleaning and Disinfecting of Businesses, Schools, and Public SpacesAs businesses begin to reopen after the COVID-19 shutdown, it’s imperative that systems and procedures are in place to protect your workforce and clients alike. The CDC has laid out strict guidelines that businesses must