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Industrial cleaning requires deep knowledge, expertise, and multiple levels of safety training.

Industrial or manufacturing cleaning are night and day from traditional office environments. As an experienced Industrial Cleaning Company we know all the challenges of working in a live production environment. Multiple shifts that require coordination and logistical planning for the ideal times to clean certain areas. Planning around shift changes and nailing down the best times to clean high traffic zones or the bathrooms.

Uncoordinated cleaning can cause unnecessary interruptions that lead to lost productivity. Having technology to help keep track of project work and when to schedule is crucial, especially for facilities that never shut down.

GeoFencing Technology
for Large Facilities

Employees can easily get lost in large facilities with multiple buildings. Our geofencing technology can help track and ensure employees are within the geofence and moving throughout the facility based on the schedules we create for each shift. This allows us to stay on time and on budget.

Who We Serve

We work with industrial sites who require hard hats, ear plugs, safety glasses, fire retardant clothing, and metatarsal steel toe shoes as well as site specific training. Spotless also works with traditional manufacturing, food processing facilities, distribution centers, and warehouses.

Every site ultimately has unique needs and challenges. We do not take a blanket approach and price based on square footage. We take a consultative approach and create detailed and highly customized proposals for each facility.

Unique cleaning solutions
based on dirt source

Having a deep knowledge of chemistry is especially important as a manufacturing cleaning service provider.

If the dirt and oils are from organic sources then you need a specific degreaser. An industrial degreaser is not always ideal for organic dirt and oils. If the dirt and oil are from hydraulics, then you need a different degreaser. At times the oils are organic, but there is soot and carbons generated during the manufacturing process.

Many degreasers are corrosive to metals and other materials. Finding the right product that does the best job in the least amount of time without damaging the surface requires a deep understanding of chemistry and years of experience.

Hiring an industrial cleaning company that uses those fancy wall mounted dispensing systems to reduce their chemical expenses will create a bigger mess.

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Industrial Cleaning Pricing

Many of the standard national providers train their sales staff to bid based on a per foot basis. They use standard production tables for traditional spaces like offices, bathrooms, and so on.

An office in an industrial setting is generally much dirtier than an office in a Class A office building. The bathrooms and locker rooms in industrial environments don’t even begin to compare to a traditional bathroom. In a manufacturing facility the offices, bathroom, and break rooms are very
spread out. There are facilities that we service where the walking time from area to area is about an hour. In a few facilities we have bicycles with big baskets on the back to move from area to area to minimize walking time.

Our industrial cleaning pricing factors in square footage, walking times, density, dirt levels, special logistical needs, and opportunities for efficiencies with specialty equipment.

Employees Vs. Subcontractors

At Spotless, we do not subcontract because we track everything

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Employee Clock Out

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Industrial Cleaning industrial cleaning 5

Schedule Adherence

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And Much More

In a subcontractor relationship it is illegal to track these items. Having no control over employees in an industrial or manufacturing facility is a recipe for disaster.

At times our bids are higher than some of the national vendors or the franchises who subcontract and sell the accounts. Many national franchises sell their accounts for 30% of their annual billing. In many cases the service is underbid by 50% or more, and if the service is not up to par they take away the account from the individual who purchased the account and it is sold again and the cycle continues.

By the time the account is lost the franchise already changed subcontractors 3-4 times and extracted 90-120% of the annual billing amount.

This model can work for small offices but is generally a disaster in industrial or manufacturing cleaning and this is where Spotless Cleaning Chicago shines above the rest. We handle industrial cleaning jobs with the full understanding of what needs to be done in order to make the job a success.


Just because it’s a manufacturing facility doesn’t mean the building should be filthy

With the right industrial cleaning service you can provide a clean and healthy environment for your employees. We often hear that the employees don’t respect the facility, but what we find is that once the employees start to notice an improvement in cleaning they start to pitch in keeping the facility cleaner too. Once employees notice that management is investing in providing a cleaner facility morale picks up and they pitch in.

Industrial Warehouse Floor Cleaning

Finding a qualified warehouse floor cleaning company used to be a challenge. We understand the particular needs of industrial floor cleaning. Constant foot traffic, oil spills, large machinery, and heavy forklift traffic are a few of the challenges we encounter. Floors are a safety issue and achieving a high coefficient of friction after every cleaning should be a priority.

ideal floor machine for
Industrial Floors

Most industrial floors are concrete, but there are a lot of variations.

Is it unfinished, treated with Ashford, Sealed, Epoxy, or Polished? If it is a polished concrete, then using a machine with pad drivers for diamond pads to clean and polish on a daily basis is ideal.

This will greatly reduce floor maintenance expenses while maintaining the floors with a deep gloss all year long.

If the facility encounters a lot of dust and debris then cylindrical brushes with a hopper that can sweep and autoscrub in one pass will yield the best results and save time and money.

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Specialty industrial cleaning services

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Overhead Ceiling Cleaning

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Industrial floor Degreasing

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Cleaning Heavy Equipment

Industrial Cleaning industrial cleaning 11

Warehouse Wall, Ceiling, & Girder Cleaning

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Sanitizing food Processing Equipment

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Forklift Traffic Scuff Removal

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Industrial Warehouse Floor Machine Scrubbing

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Warehouse Floor Sealing & Coatings

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Warehouse Concrete Sealing

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Warehouse Concrete Stain Removal


We work with a range of industrial facilities that require site specific training in case of an emergency or evacuation. A few of the training and certifications our teams have are:

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Confined Space Training

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Lockout Training

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Lift Training