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Hospitals, urgent care centers, surgery centers, long-term care facilities, nursing homes, and other health care settings have strict requirements for cleaning and disinfection.

Spotless Cleaning Chicago provides medical cleaning services that consistently surpass even the strictest requirements to deliver immaculate results.

Our certified medical cleaning service professionals incorporate products and methods that don’t just meet or exceed industry standards for disinfection, they’re also safe for the environment. You can trust us with medical facility cleaning services that keep your practice pristine while also protecting the planet!

When you come to Spotless Cleaning Chicago, we’ll work with you to build a customized medical facility cleaning plan that works for your environment.

As one of the leading medical cleaning services providers in the Chicago area, we have experience working with healthcare companies of all sizes.

We are trained in infection prevention, and our Certifications enable us to meet AORN, AAMI, and CMS requirements and customize healthcare cleaning plans to suit various clinical environments.

Whether you need urgent care cleaning, terminal cleaning, or any kind of healthcare cleaning, our state-of-the-art disinfection and sanitization cleaning services will help to keep your facility spotless so that you and your team can focus on delivering the best care to your patients. We also cross-train our team members to ensure a Spotless medical cleaning professional is always available to provide consistent, dependable service. Talk to us about your needs, and we will create a customized plan which suits your location.


We may not be the cheapest healthcare cleaning services company in Chicago, but we offer the best value.

Maintaining the highest standards is a necessity for healthcare facilities, including hospitals, surgery centers, and urgent care centers. Disinfection and sanitization services that accord with AORN and AAMI are vital for meeting industry standards and passing inspections.

Thorough disinfection requires a disinfecting cleaning product to be in contact with a surface for a minimum of 10 minutes. One way to reduce the contact time is to use Oxivir TB from Diversey.

Proper cleaning for healthcare facilities takes more time, so that it costs more.

Appropriately disinfecting a medical facility is always worth the investment to protect your patients and staff and maintain the look and appeal of your work environment. At Spotless Cleaning Chicago, our employees undergo CORE and OSHA Training and Touchpoint Disinfecting training. We wear PPE, and our disinfectants are hospital-grade and EPA-registered solutions designed to thoroughly cleanse and protect your environment for the long haul.

We utilize state-of-the-art technology when we clean, including Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI), a type of UV light that uses ultraviolet energy to kill viruses, bacteria, and fungal organisms. This technology is extremely effective for disinfecting medical and sterile work environments.

By employing a traditional cleaning program coupled with UVGI, we achieve the best results. UVGI also can help facilities achieve their green cleaning goals.

Need to pass a Joint Commission Inspection?

We can help!

TJC is often looking to see if staff can demonstrate and speak to their work processes in accordance with AAMI and AORN standards. These standards also cover regular training and inspections. A fresh, spotless facility communicates a positive message to everyone who enters it.

At Spotless Cleaning Chicago, we understand the objective evaluation processes in healthcare cleaning is of paramount importance. We take this seriously. We work diligently to ensure our processes align with your standards, regulations, and inspection needs.

Enlist our healthcare cleaning services to keep you in compliance and good standing with The Joint Commission and other regulatory bodies (OSHA, CMIS, HIPAA). Your medical facility will have polished floors and surfaces that sparkle, but most importantly, you can rest assured that we are cleaning and disinfecting for good health.

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One common thing we see is a lack of color coding for HACCP.
A second common issue is spray bottles without labels which is a violation of OSHA and will hurt your Joint Commission inspection.

Head on over to the janitors closet and check the spray bottles. The third common issue we see is a lack of controlled dilution. Without proper dilution you are not getting the true kill claims on disinfectant which will affect your audit, but more important is putting your patients at risk for HAIs.

Our medical cleaning service professionals will keep your facility in compliance with best practices.At Spotless we focus on cleaning for health. While we can’t hand out lollipops for you, like doctors did in the old days, we can help keep your facility looking cleaner than you ever imagined.


Our black light audit reveals any hidden pathogens on your facility’s walls, ledges, and various high-touch areas and surfaces. Our black light cleaning services will disinfect up to 99.9999999% of microorganisms, which is a 7 log kill.

Black lights are ultraviolet lights that reveal bacteria, urine, blood, and other bodily fluids. Once these microorganisms are revealed, they can be eradicated through the application of Spotless medical cleaning process workflows.

Preventing the transmission of viruses, bacteria, and infectious diseases is top of mind for doctors, nurses, and medical professionals. Proper black light auditing can expose bacteria, fungi, worms, mold, mildew, and various microbes and pathogens that would otherwise go undetected within the medical practice environment such as examination rooms, operating rooms, wards, kitchens, restrooms, and common areas.

Black light cleaning is a fairly complex process that requires specialized training, equipment, and smart, efficient cleaning procedures in accordance with cleaning regulations. At Spotless Cleaning Chicago, we invest in extensive employee training, including Touchpoint Disinfection training, OSHA, and CORE, to ensure that our black light cleaning service audits are performed correctly and align with medical industry standards.

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Preventing the transmission of viruses, bacteria, and infectious diseases is top of mind for doctors, nurses, and medical professionals. In order to ensure that the proper level of clean is happening for the safety of patients, it requires the right tools and equipment to get the job done with peace of mind.


We use Kaivac machines or Tennant iMop Floor machines wherever possible to reduce the spread of bacteria and pathogens.

If machines can’t be used in an area, we use single-use disposable microfiber mop pads for cleaning the floors of medical facilities. Here are some benefits of our floor care methods:

  • Anti-bacterial recovery tanks
  • Contains mess to the mop path
  • Allows for ease around objects
  • Saves time, money, and water
  • Creates a safer environment for staff and patients
  • Maximum clean and uniform chemical application
  • Eliminate cross-contamination risk
  • Consistently better cleaning vs. laundered microfiber
  • Will not neutralize quat or peroxide based disinfectants
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