Commercial Cleaning Services in Milwaukee, WI  

Welcome to Spotless Cleaning, Milwaukee's trusted name in commercial office cleaning and industrial cleaning services, including our specialized high ceiling cleaning solutions. 

Nestled in the heart of the city known for its stunning lakefront, vibrant culture, and dynamic industry, we bring a level of cleanliness that mirrors Milwaukee's own spirit of excellence and resilience. 

Whether you're operating in the bustling downtown area, near the historic Third Ward, or within the industrious corridors of the Menomonee River Valley, our team is equipped and ready to ensure your space reflects the pristine quality and professionalism your business deserves. At Spotless Cleaning, we're not just cleaning your premises; we're enhancing your work environment, one spotless space at a time.

Who Is Spotless
Cleaning Chicago?

We’re a full service commercial cleaning service specializing in large facilities

We started the company during the recession of 2008 with the goal of creating jobs for people in need. We believe that the best form of compassion is by providing opportunity.

We use ISSA-approved touchpoint cleaning

At our commercial cleaning company in Milwaukee, we begin each job by evaluating your space to help you identify gaps and ensure you are following CDC, EPA, and OSHA recommendations, and guidelines. Then we reassess as needed to keep you up to speed.

In addition, our crews are specially trained to use touchpoint cleaning, which is recommended by ISSA, the leading trade association for the cleaning industry worldwide. 

As a reliable Milwaukee office cleaning company and industrial cleaning company, Spotless Cleaning Chicago understands that even post-pandemic, cleaners must pay special attention to areas that are frequently touched by facility visitors. Diseases, fecal matter, and bacteria are all spread through high-touch areas such as doorknobs, light switches, faucets, keyboards, paper towel dispensers, and elevator buttons. 

Lastly, we train our crews to use color-coded microfiber cloths, which prevents our team members from using the same cloth to clean your office as they use to clean the restroom and vice versa.

Modern Cleaning

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Systematic hiring

We are very systematic in our hiring, training, and management.
Implementing innovative technology to improve efficiency and create value for the client is very important to us.

Our systematic approach is allowing us to grow rapidly with consistent quality results. We have been investing in scaling our operations and are slowly and methodically growing our client base to continue to provide more job opportunities.

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Technology that saves money

Traditional mopping doesn’t stand a chance against an auto scrubber and chemistry.

We use modern commercial cleaning equipment, advanced cleaning techniques, and green seal certified products, along with state-of-the-art equipment like auto scrubbers that significantly increase efficiency to save you money.

We have been cutting cords to maximize efficiency and savings with cordless vacuums.

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spotless standards

You say you can leave floors so clean you can eat from them, but what about the rest of the facility, especially the locker rooms and bathroom?

Fear no more, we use the Kaivac cleaning system that can sanitize better than any other method.

Feel free to bring an ATP Hygiene Monitor to test our commercial cleaning ability. We don’t just clean, we sanitize.

We never skimp on equipment and products

At Spotless Cleaning Chicago, we never skimp on top-of-the-line equipment for our commercial cleaning services. We use only the highest quality equipment to guarantee the results you deserve. For example: 

  • Our vacuums have high filtration and are Carpet & Rug Institute-approved.
  • Our products are certified by Green Seal, a global nonprofit. Green Seal-certified products earn their label by passing the organization’s rigorous certification process for health, sustainability, and product performance.
  • Our auto scrubbers use less water, increase efficiency, and are quieter than other methods. Best of all, they are much more effective than traditional mopping! 
  • We use the science-based Kaivac cleaning method which is designed to produce the healthiest results by removing all harmful bio pollutants in the fastest, most effective manner possible. This means your bathroom and all other spots are fully sanitized to reduce bacteria and illness-causing germs. 
  • After each job, we can test the results using an ATP Hygiene monitor. The data will give you an accurate verification of the hygienic status of any surface.

Here are some of the other valuable services we provide at Spotless Cleaning Chicago:

Janitorial services for commercial buildings

At Spotless Cleaning Chicago, we understand that productivity is important to your business and your employees need and deserve a healthy, clean environment to be effective! You also want to present a stellar first impression for any clients or potential clients. If you don’t maintain these high standards, you could easily wind up losing valuable business!

Every business does not need the same janitorial services in Milwaukee. That is why our knowledgeable crews create customized plans for every business we serve. We will begin with a complete assessment of your facility and then work with you to create a plan that suits your budget. Our janitorial services include trash emptying, dusting, restroom cleaning and sanitization, carpet cleaning, general facility cleaning, hard floor sweeping and mopping, window cleaning, and more! 

Your customized industrial cleaning services can also include any type of facility management needs such as duct cleaning or lighting maintenance. 

Other services provided by our industrial cleaning company include: 

  • Exterior services
  • Construction clean up
  • Emergency and disaster cleanup 
  • Provision of sanitizing wipes

How we track performance

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increase productivity

Identify underperforming employees to provide additional training and best practices.

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reduce cost to clean

Optimize equipment to increase productivity lowering the overall cost to clean.

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ensure consistency

Track employees and equipment, monitor hours, and compare against metrics.

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Critical issues

Respond immediately to late alerts, no shows, and know if equipment is not used.

Your premiere Milwaukee commercial cleaning service

At Spotless Cleaning Chicago, we are head and shoulders above the other industrial cleaning companies in Milwaukee.  As a family-owned, truly local company, we are 100% committed to serving those who live and work in our community with exceptional, detail-oriented cleaning services, and highly communicative customer service. 

Ready to learn more? Contact us today or call us for a free estimate at (312) 626-7821.

Why you should hire
our commercial cleaning company

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Communication is important to us so we always have someone ready to answer the phone.

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Our technology allows us to instantly communicate with our front line so supervisors and managers can follow up.

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Family owned

Since we’re a family owned business your requests won’t get lost in an email chain or answering service.

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We will get to know your facility and be able to quickly handle any questions or requests you have.