June 19, 2010

Spring... The Perfect Time for a deep Clean

Here are a few tips to help you out for your Spring cleaning, or any time during the year from your favorite Chicago Cleaning Service. First, you must always remember to open your windows before you start cleaning. We ask you to do this to maintain the air quality in your home at a high level, especially if you are using non eco-friendly products. When dusting, make sure to start from the top, to the bottom. Also, Swiffer dusters are recommended because they are soft and safe on surfaces, and lock in dust as opposed to simply spreading it around. In our housekeeping services, swiffers are included in the deal. And unlike many other Maid Services in Chicago, we use all eco-friendly products, and a SEBO vacuum.

Spring Cleaning

We use SEBO vacuums because they have a three step filtration system that cleans any air that it emits. This way, any dust particles that are collected are not recycled back into the air. In this way, we are quite different from other Chicago Cleaning Services. One last tip for an allergen free home is to vacuum the top of your mattress to help remove lint. We also highly recommend to steam your mattress to help get rid of bed bugs.

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Spring Clean with
Spotless Cleaning

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