Oak Brook is a beautiful town in Illinois just west of the Chicago Loop. The town center has wonderful shops specializing in everything from clothing to health and beauty to home goods. The town serves as the headquarters for several important companies including Ace Hardware and Lions Club International. And there are so many fun events that happen in the town year-round, from Barks and Brews to wine tours to concerts. It’s a town that’s full of class, style, and character. 

From the big industrial headquarters to the small mom-and-pop shops, these businesses shouldn’t have to worry about keeping their spaces clean. That’s a job for an Oak Brook commercial cleaning service like Spotless Cleaning Chicago. We are a one-stop-shop for all of your commercial, office, and industrial cleaning needs. We specialize in cleaning carpets and disinfecting touchpoints so that your office or place of business is a safe, clean, and enjoyable place to work! 

Who Is Spotless
Cleaning Chicago?

We’re a full service commercial cleaning service specializing in large facilities

We started the company during the recession of 2008 with the goal of creating jobs for people in need. We believe that the best form of compassion is by providing opportunity.


We are a full-service commercial cleaning company specializing in large facilities. We are one of the best industrial cleaning companies in Oak Brook because we have a dedicated team specifically trained in the most effective and safe cleaning techniques. For our larger sites, we even provide a dedicated supervisor to ensure that we meet all of your specific needs. Additionally, we are an industrial cleaning company with a HACCP color-coded microfiber program, so you know we are doing our very best to keep you, your staff, and your customers safe. 

We only provide the most advanced, most thoroughly tested cleaning techniques to ensure that you are getting what you paid for. Our state-of-the-art equipment, from our auto scrubbers to our cordless vacuums to our Kaivac cleaning system, optimizes our services so that you are not spending any more time or money than you have to to get the best possible cleaning job. We are always tracking our employees' performance and consistently looking for more ways that we can improve, optimize, and better serve our customers. 

We understand that your business is your livelihood, that your space and its cleanliness are essential to how the world sees your business and, by extension, you. You want to work in a clean environment. Your staff wants to operate in a clean environment. And your customers want to shop, eat, and relax in a clean environment. That’s why our tailored, specialized cleaning practices are the best way for you to show your patrons that you are professional, experienced, and composed. 

Modern Cleaning

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Systematic hiring

We are very systematic in our hiring, training, and management.
Implementing innovative technology to improve efficiency and create value for the client is very important to us.

Our systematic approach is allowing us to grow rapidly with consistent quality results. We have been investing in scaling our operations and are slowly and methodically growing our client base to continue to provide more job opportunities.

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Technology that saves money

Traditional mopping doesn’t stand a chance against an auto scrubber and chemistry.

We use modern commercial cleaning equipment, advanced cleaning techniques, and green seal certified products, along with state-of-the-art equipment like auto scrubbers that significantly increase efficiency to save you money.

We have been cutting cords to maximize efficiency and savings with cordless vacuums.

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spotless standards

You say you can leave floors so clean you can eat from them, but what about the rest of the facility, especially the locker rooms and bathroom?

Fear no more, we use the Kaivac cleaning system that can sanitize better than any other method.

Feel free to bring an ATP Hygiene Monitor to test our commercial cleaning ability. We don’t just clean, we sanitize.



All our employees undergo CORE and OSHA training along with TouchPoint Disinfecting training. The office cleaning company staff is specifically trained to disinfect touchpoints that often spread germs very easily because they are so frequently used, like light switches, door handles, elevator buttons, and keypads. 

Our Oak Brook commercial cleaning service assigns each business an account executive to ensure that everyone on staff is adhering to the cleaning specifications communicated by the client and answering any questions that you may have during our process. The on-site supervisors create inspection reports regularly and send them to you to ensure this adherence. 

How we track performance

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increase productivity

Identify underperforming employees to provide additional training and best practices.

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reduce cost to clean

Optimize equipment to increase productivity lowering the overall cost to clean.

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ensure consistency

Track employees and equipment, monitor hours, and compare against metrics.

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Critical issues

Respond immediately to late alerts, no shows, and know if equipment is not used.

Award-Winning Office Cleaning Services in Oak Brook

We are an award-winning commercial office cleaning service serving the Oak Brook business owners. We were awarded the Angie’s List Super Service Award in 2011, and we have been on the Angie’s List Honor Roll since 2011 for industrial cleaning services as well.

We pride ourselves on using green cleaning products for all of our clients, as we use Green Seal-certified cleaning products for all of our services, even hospital-grade EPA registered disinfectants when the situation warrants it. Environmentally-friendly cleaning products improve indoor air quality, and subsequently the health of those in your space. 

Our commercial office cleaning services provide businesses in Oak Brook with sparkling, shiny surfaces, floors, and windows. With our account executives, on-site supervisors, and highly trained, dedicated staff, we ensure that we do a thorough, satisfactory job every single time. 

Our Janitorial Services for Commercial Buildings Can’t Be Beaten: Our modern commercial cleaning equipment and advanced cleaning techniques ensure that your space is well taken care of and that you are provided with only the highest quality industrial cleaning services. 

Why you should hire
our commercial cleaning company

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Communication is important to us so we always have someone ready to answer the phone.

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Our technology allows us to instantly communicate with our front line so supervisors and managers can follow up.

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Family owned

Since we’re a family owned business your requests won’t get lost in an email chain or answering service.

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We will get to know your facility and be able to quickly handle any questions or requests you have.

Trust the Best Janitorial Services in Oak Brook

Spotless Cleaning Chicago is the only place you will want to get industrial cleaning services. We offer commercial cleaning services to a variety of industries:

  • Medical Office Cleaning

  • University and School Cleaning

  • Industrial Cleaning

  • Warehouse Cleaning

  • Food Processing Facilities

  • Distribution Centers

We at Spotless Cleaning Chicago look forward to partnering with you, the business owners of Oak Grove, to support the success of your businesses and livelihoods. Get in touch with us today to find out more about how we can cater services to your specific needs!