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October 7, 2022

Is Your Workspace Clean and Safe for Your Employees? 

The United Nations (UN) has declared access to a “clean, healthy, and sustainable environment” a universal human right. The resolution goes on to state that environmental damage and the lack of access to a clean environment has “negative implications, both direct and indirect, for the effective enjoyment of all human rights.” In other words, a clean environment is much more than a desired experience. It is a fundamental aspect of humanity that, when withheld or obstructed, prevents individuals from accessing and experiencing the totality of their human rights (ISSA, 2022).

If this seems to go a tad extreme in your book, perhaps take a moment to consider what it’s like to work in unsanitary surroundings. Moving within such a space potentially exposes people to harmful viruses, bacteria, and germs that could make them sick and, in a very real way, deprives them (and the company’s they work for) of their time, talents, and ability to enjoy life. No one wins when workers are subjected to having to do their jobs in unclean environments.

The advent of the 2020 pandemic underscores this fact. Millions of Americans were exposed to a life threatening virus either at work or during their commute to work. Equal access to clean, safe work environments continues to be an issue of social equality. A research report by DC-based non-profit organization Urban.org found exposure to the novel coronavirus was greater among “Black, Native American, and Hispanic/Latinx workers” who are more likely to “have jobs that place them at greater risk of exposure” whether they are employed as essential or non-essential workers” (Urban.org, December 2020).

A Pew Research study conducted in 2022 found that “fewer than half of workers say they are very satisfied with the steps that have been taken in their workplace to keep them safe from COVID-19” (Pew Research Center). In today’s cultural climate, it is essential for companies to show they value their employees health, wellness, and quality of life by providing and maintaining a clean, disinfected workplace.

Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining a Clean Workplace

Putting together workable solutions for cleaning and maintaining a clear work environment is something workers can contribute to. Here are our tips on how to facilitate a clean workplace:

  • Declutter first  Ever tried to clean a cluttered space? It’s very difficult or even impossible to do. First focus on de-cluttering the most often used areas, like desks and desktops, common spaces like the kitchen, commissary areas, and break rooms. Then move onto the lesser used spaces, including storage areas.
  • Disinfect surface areas — While disinfecting an entire office area or floor may be too tall of an order for company employees to handle, everyone can take ownership of their own areas. Desks, keyboards, filing cabinets, telephones, chairs, and whiteboards can be color tested then wiped down with Clorox Disinfecting Wipes. If using a spray cleaner, be sure to always spray into the cleaning cloth or towel being used, never directly onto the surface.
  • Clean anywhere food is prepared or consumed — Bacteria breeds in these places. Daily cleaning protocols should be followed in areas where food is prepared and/or consumed. 
  • Sanitize trash bins & waste baskets — Remnants of food as well as soiled napkins and other unclean items collect in these receptacles. As such, regular cleaning and disinfection must be part of any cleaning routine. 
  • Sanitize door handles — Nearly everyone who goes into and out of a space will touch the door handles. From the entryway to the restrooms, to any common area, etcetera, all door handles must be regularly cleaned and sanitized to limit the spread of germs. Same goes for elevator buttons, photocopier buttons, and any commonly used buttons, handles, and levers.
  • Disinfect restroom areas — While this is not an area any employee would (or should) clean themselves, businesses can do their part in helping employees keep it safe and hygienic. Installing touchless dispensers for hand soap and sanitizer, providing proper receptacles for sanitary products, regularly replenishing toilet paper, and keeping a trash can immediately next to the restroom exits are just a few of the things that can be done to keep those restrooms fresh and tidy. 
  • Hire a day porter — Our attentive, trained day porter professionals focus on keeping your business clean and looking its best, including any of its high-traffic areas. Providing employees and business associates with a clean environment helps keep everyone feeling good, focused, and appreciated for their efforts. 
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We use cutting-edge technologies to not only clean but to sanitize our clients’ workspaces.

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At Spotless Cleaning, we are very proud to be a leading provider of office cleaning services and commercial disinfecting. We rely on science and process flows to provide the businesses we serve with unparalleled cleaning and janitorial services. We use cutting-edge technologies to not only clean but to sanitize our clients’ workspaces. We understand how coming into pristine surroundings boosts morale and enables everyone to function at their personal best, without their immune systems being compromised, or their drive being zapped by icky, foul-smelling surroundings. Perhaps a clean and sparkling workspace is not something everyone notices, but a trash-ridden, dusty, unsanitary atmosphere is virtually impossible to overlook.

Providing clean, healthy surroundings for all workers is essential in today’s world. It is a universal human right we can all work together to ensure. Spotless Cleaning is passionate about always staying one step ahead in providing state-of-the-art cleaning services that keep people feeling good, both physically and emotionally. Our expertise, certifications and technology are what allow us to take pride in delivering exceptional results you can see and feel.

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Spotless Cleaning is passionate about always staying one step ahead in providing state-of-the-art cleaning services that keep people feeling good, both physically and emotionally.

For Spotless Cleaning Chicago, this IS what we do. We build a better training program and employee environment based on proven retention strategies to ensure top-performing consistency for our clients, bring them highly effective and safe procedures to guarantee proper cleaning and sanitization, and give you peace of mind that the job will be done correctly every time.

Fight the damaging effects of janitorial turnover by turning over control to the professionals who have employee retention locked down. Contact us today to hire a high-performance team you can rely on.  

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